Before we get into this week's Blog entry, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our December 7, 2007 Holiday Auction. There were some amazing prices paid, but some of the pieces were extremely rare and may not be offered for sale again for a long time. Some of the highlights of the auction were a 60's Washington Redskins Kail ashtray ($4,183), a Gibbs-Conner promotional Cleveland Indians statue ($3,328), a 1955 World series pennant ($3,141) and a Carter-Hoffman large sized Minnesota Gophers ($2,860). You can view all the prices realized by clicking the Auction Results button on the top of the screen.



If you are a collector of vintage sports memorabilia, you probably already know that Brooklyn Dodgers items are some of the most highly sought after in the hobby. Record prices are usually generated with their pennants, statuary, cards, programs, pins and virtually any other Dodgers items. The team has attained "cult status" by old-time fans of the team and baseball historians.


One of the most popular and hard to find collectibles were two separate set of Dodger chinaware that date back to the early 50's. The easiest to date is the 1952 National League Champions set. This set included coffee mugs & saucers, dinner & desert plates and a trivet. each piece proclaims the dodgers 1952 N.L. Champs and shows the flags of other Dodger pennant winning teams. It is assumed that this china was given to players, coaches and team employees. They are rich in color and very hard to find in any condition.


The second set is even more sought after and much more difficult to find. It is a player set that actually pictures individual players in the center. These were also produced in  the early 50's and again it is assumed that they were issued to team employees. The same pieces appear to be made for this set- with several differant styles of mugs. Most of the star players were made including Reese, Campanella, Snider, Hodges, Furillo, Erskine and Cox ( we belive there is a Robinson, but we've never seen one)  They are simply awesome and bring "big bucks" in auctions. If you are lucky enough to own any, you know just how "sweet" they are.