We have had other Blog entries concerning this amazing series - but we thought we might recap the Dodger Weirdo Bobbing Heads. Below are of the 7 known dolls from this series. There are variations of these including dolls with tags or decals on the base and several that came with black faces. The front row in the picture  represent the three toughest in the series to find with the two on the right being alomst impossible to find. There are only two known examples of each of these.

They were made in the early/mid 60's and as mentioned each would have come with either a decal on the base or a neck tag with a comical saying relating to baseball. It is one of the most desirable series in the hobby and all are considered rare. The two rarest (bathing beauty & the hip nodder) fetched prices of over $5,000 years ago and on today's market who knows. There are also dolls with the same body type and head styles made as San Francisco Giants that are even harder to find.