Just when you think you've seen it all- something always pops up to "blow your mind". Over the years we've bought and sold hundreds of the wood carved mascots from the series issued by the Carter-Hoffman Company in the 50's. Until a few years ago, we thought they were confined to college and high school mascots. Back in 2010, were sent a large sized (11") Chicago Bears that ended up realizing almost $3,000 in one of our auctions.

Then, in 2011 we were consigned to sell a Cleveland Indians mascot. It sold for exactly $3,000 and is the only Major League Baseball mascot that we've ever seen.

Just the other day, we unexpectedly got a package from a consignor and to our surprise- another professional mascot. This time it's of the Washington Redskins mascot. This little guy (5" tall) is in a style we've never seen before. Carter-Hoffman made Native American mascots for many schools with several different styles. This one is rather unique with a flowing headdress. this leads us to believe (maybe hope) that there may have been other NFL or Major League baseball mascots produced. We can't wait for our next surprise.