We recently were able to obtain a complete set of 1956 Big League Stars statues in their original packaging. The statues loose are hard enough to find, but on their original cards- nearly impossible. The statues are identical to the Dairy Queen/Tasti-Freeze series except that they are painted gold instead of white. There are 18 players in the series with many of them eventually making it to the Hall of Fame.

The header cards that the statues came on are special. On the front is a plastic bubble which shows the statue and the name of the player. The verso side has a picture of the player and some of his stats. There is an easel that can be set up to display the statue in the card. The Mickey Mantle is considered the gem of the series. Oddly, he is shows bunting. The BLS series is one of the most under-rated and under-valued statues in the hobby.